The Consultation

homoeopathy2The first consultation take over an hour, where a full medical and personal history will be taken. This enables the Homeopath to have a complete picture of your case then a remedy specific to your individual needs will be prescribed for you.

Pauline has successfully treated a wide range of conditions, including women’s health (PMT, Menopause, and Irregular periods), irritable bowel syndrome, migraine, anxiety and depression and numerous babies with colic, croup, coughs, colds, etc.

In a recently published article, Pauline describes the consultation: “As a Homoeopath I am a provider of space. A space to be, a space to reflect, a space to unload. I am not part of the patient’s story: I am only the keeper of space. My job is to hold and strengthen the boundaries of that space with love, openness and support and above all without prejudice or judgement. My job is to extend an honest and open invitation to a patient to use this space, fill it with their story, allow their words to flow, emotions to spill and thoughts to unfold and then allow the magic of homoeopathy to do its work.

When the space is filled and the story is told, it is time for the remedy to enter. Now I, the Homoeopath must simply introduce the remedy into the field. Like with like, the pulse, energy and soul of the remedy to the pulse, energy and soul of the patient. What an honour to be in this position of matchmaker, to know the remedy can do no harm, to know we are bringing only positive, life-enhancing, energy-balancing goodness into the space. Pair them up and let them go. Together they will soar into health, face the next challenge, grow to the next level and live to their full potential.”

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